Cohort Mentors

Two to three members of the teaching faculty are assigned to each student cohort in the degree program at the beginning of every academic year. Students meet informally as a cohort with their mentors, who guide them through the academic curriculum and gather student feedback on the program or any aspect of their lives in the university. Mentors can help students understand their academic plans, identify specific academic challenges, and locate appropriate academic support services. Students may request individual meetings with their mentors to discuss specific questions, issues, or challenges.

Faculty Cohort Mentors for 2016-2017:

BA Year 1
Ernest Waugh, Stacy Chen
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BA Year 2
James Roberts, Yi-huan Shih
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MA Year 1
Barbara Waugh, Franklyn Wu
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MA Year 2
Douglas Powers, Jessica Samuels
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Part-time Students
Jessica Samuels
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