The First Annual DRBU Student Symposium

The First Annual DRBU Student Symposium took place on Sunday, February 25, 2018 in the new DRBU Southwing. Ten students from across cohorts in the BA and the MA programs came together and shared papers that dove deep into primary texts and wove together experiences from daily life and cultivation. Their inspiring thoughts bore testament to the spectacular discoveries that emerge in shared inquiry and to the spirited personal journeys of DRBU students, who venture to apply what they learn.

Graduate student Lan Huang speaks of her experience participating in the Student Symposium in this way, "When I was editing my paper for the symposium, I reviewed and reflected more deeply on the feedback and comments my instructor gave me. I was surprised that new understanding and insights just kept popping up and I was able to incorporate some of them in my talk. So preparing for the talk became a spiritual practice itself. At the symposium, I was blown away by the insights and enthusiasm that our students brought to their investigations! I have learned so much from their generous sharing! I feel each of us is like a light, illuminating the reality for each other, all interpenetrating and enhancing each other. When we write our papers, we shine the light within to uncover our wisdom and then express them in language to the best of our abilities; when we share our findings, we shine the light without to help illuminate what others haven't seen and inspire each other. Isn't this a wonderful example of a Bodhisattva's practice - to enlighten oneself and enlighten others?  :)"