Plans and Priorities

The university's most immediate goals and top priorities for funding are as follows.

DRBU Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund are an important source of current-use, unrestricted funding to support academic programs, enrich student life, and meet pressing needs. These gifts—no matter the size—make a real impact.

DRBU has an Annual Fund goal for each fiscal year. We look to our community to meet this goal for the unrestricted, immediate-use funding that strengthens academic initiatives and assists financial aid, campus life, and student success, also allowing DRBU to support core priorities and meet pressing needs. We invite you to become a partner in these efforts.


DRBU awards scholarships solely on the basis of need and accepts students without regard for their families’ financial circumstances. We are committed to meeting the full financial need of each student. Approximately 70% of our students receive some form of financial aid. Join us in making the opportunity to study at DRBU a continuing reality for every accepted student.

Women’s Dormitory [Phase Two]

The Women’s Dormitory is not only a home to female students while they attend DRBU, but also the center for women’s community activities. While the dormitory is simple and modest—in keeping with the monastic campus setting—the newly completed renovation includes important life-safety features, shower and restroom updates, heating, a computer lab, a contemplation room, a laundry room, and a common area. Phase One of the Women’s Dormitory renovation was completed in the spring of 2015. Phase Two will provide additional bedrooms, allowing the building  to reach its capacity for housing 40 residents.

University Building Renovation [South Wing]

The University Building is one of the largest structures on the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas campus. Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, who founded DRBU, designated this building to house its main educational programs. With the launch of the new BA and MA programs, DRBU is making significant strides toward formal accreditation. DRBU is currently experiencing  rapid growth, resulting in a critical and imminent need for adequate space. The South Wing renovation will provide approximately 27,700 square feet of much-needed classroom and activity spaces, as well as faculty offices. These additions will meet DRBU’s space requirements for the immediate future.

Science Classroom Complex

The proposed science classroom complex will be a shared facility to support the science programs of Developing Virtue Secondary School and Dharma Realm Buddhist University. The science complex will include three science laboratories, one classroom, and a faculty office. The science curriculum is an integral, required element of our programs for both High School and University students.

University Endowment

The University Endowment will provide a perpetual source of support for DRBU and its mission. The endowment will be composed of assets that are invested for the long term in order to maximize return and sustainability. Gifts to the endowment may be designated to fund professorships, scholarships, buildings, and other specific purposes related to advancing the University’s mission. Endowment gifts are vital to ensuring that DRBU will continue to fulfill its mission for many generations to come.