Our 40th Anniversary

Dharma Realm Buddhist University (DRBU) celebrates 40 years of delivering higher education! Located on the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas campus in Ukiah, California, the University, together with Instilling Goodness Primary and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools, are known for bridging past and present, and cultures East and West.

To commemorate this momentous anniversary, DRBU is offering donors a ripe 200-gram puerh tea cake (熟普洱茶餅). Made from a unique blend of wild arbor plants grown in Yongde, Yunnan Province, China, the tea cake is a fitting symbol of our efforts these past 40 years to “Educate for Outstanding Abilities 教育英才”.

The tea has been tested in a certified laboratory and passed the MRL limits for pesticide residues as established by the EU Food Safety Commission. Enjoy this special tea now or allow it to age for years to come. Some of the flavors used to describe puerh tea are woody, earthy, rich, and smooth. The passage of time further enriches these qualities.