Board of Trustees

Bhikshu Heng Sure
Ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1976, Rev. Heng Sure serves as Managing Director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery. He is actively involved in interfaith dialogue and in the ongoing conversation between spirituality and technology.
Bhikshu Jin Fan
Bhikshu Jin Chuan
A young Asian-American Buddhist monk who serves as the men's side chaplain, an instructor, and a translator in Dharma Realm Buddhist University.
Bhikshuni Heng Chih, Chair
Brings to the DRBU Board four decades of experience serving on various boards and contributing to higher education as an administrator and professor.
Bhikshuni Heng Hsien, Honorary Member
Bhikshuni Heng Liang, Secretary
Bhikshuni Heng Jiao
A DRBU instructor and administrative faculty member, who serves on the Board of Trustees' finance committee. She is also a monastic with Dharma Realm Buddhist Association.
Cynthia Chang, Vice Chair
Yu-Chung Chang
Stacy Y. Chen
Maureen S. Dorney
A Bay Area attorney and law firm manager, with experience in business transactions and intellectual property. Also a longtime follower of the Ven. Master Hsuan Hua.
Ronald Epstein
With DRBU from its beginning, in a variety of administrative and teaching roles. Currently Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus. Also a founding member of the Buddhist Text Translation Society and active participant in its translation work. Lecturer Emeritus, San Francisco State University.
Ming-Lu Huang
Guri Mehta
Founding team member of ServiceSpace, a non-profit organization that believes in the inherent generosity of others and aims to ignite the spirit of service. Her key areas of interest are human resource management and non-profit organizations. She is currently serving on the board of A Network for Grateful Living, Empty Hands Music, CraftRoots, and DRBU.
Terri Nicholson
Educator and writer. One of the founding teachers of Instilling Goodness Elementary.
Douglas M. Powers, Ex Officio
Teaches various classes at DRBU, ranging from Buddhist Sutras to Western philosophical treatises, and serves as DRBU's Vice President of Finance and Administration. Doug also taught at Berkeley High School for over 40 years.
Susan A. Rounds, Ex Officio
Fujiing Shiue
Carol Ruth Silver
Martin Verhoeven, Ex Officio